Dynamic office that spearheads timely and participative crafting of sustainable development plans utilizing up-to-date baseline data.


The office is committed to provide relevant and quality technical, research, planning, project development and monitoring and evaluation services in accordance with Quality Management System standards.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide valid, reliable and accurate inputs/bases/information for development planning of various stakeholders;
  • To provide research and project development services;
  • To ensure completion/operationalization of Community-Based Management System (CBMS);
  • To provide management with feedback information on the status of program/project implementation to be used on policy/decision making and as inputs to planning;
  • To ensure a participative formulation of comprehensive development plans responsive to the needs of the constituents; and
  • To provide technical assistance to Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and secretariat services to PDC and other Local Special Bodies (LSBs)/Councils/Committees.


  • Formulate integrated economic, social, physical, and other development plans and policies for consideration of the local government council;
  • Conduct continuing studies, researches, and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation;
  • Integrate and coordinate all sectoral  plans and studies undertaken by the different functional groups or agencies;
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects, and activities in the local government unit concerned in accordance with the approved development plan;
  • Prepare comprehensive plans and other development planning documents for the consideration of the local development council;
  • Analyze the income and expenditure patterns, and formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee of the local government unit concerned as provided un Title Five, Book II of this Code;
  • Promote people participation in development planning within the local government unit concerned:
  • Exercise supervision and control over the secretariat of the local development council; and
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other functions and duties as my be prescribed by law ordinance.

Action Plans

  • Formulation and submission of development plans per approved planning calendar
    • 10 years or more Long Term Development & Framework Plan
    • 3 year rolling Provincial Development Investment Program
    • Annual Investment Program
    • Other plans as may be required by the national/regional line agencies;
  • Review of CLUPs within the prescribed period;
  • Annual Database Updating (Data gathering, consolidation and database management);
  • Project Development – Preparation/packaging of necessary project proposals for internal and external funding;
  • Conduct of Research Studies (i.e. CBMS updating done every three years.);
  • Evaluation of private sector groups’ documents for SP Accreditation;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of ongoing and completed PGOM programs and projects;
  • Validation of proposed programs/projects;
  • Provision of technical assistance to other offices/departments, national government agencies, local government units and local special bodies/committees;
  • Provision of secretariat/administrative services to the PDC and other Local Special Bodies/Councils; and
  • Other related activities.

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